Newfoundland School Reopening (NLESD) On Monday 2020

Newfoundland School Reopening

Newfoundland School Reopening The Newfoundland School has decided that classes from Kindergarten to Class XII are going to start on next Monday that is 24-08-2020 It is being told that after the opening of the school, all the children must be wearing masks and social distancing will also have to be maintained and all measures will be taken to avoid Covid-19 Pandemic. Children’s education is very important, keeping an eye on this, The English School District Board took the decision that school should open and education should also be done,…

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Huge M6 Accident Today- Multiple Vehicle Crashed Between Junction 23 And Junction 22

m6 accident today

M6 Accident Today- The motorways has been closed in both the directions because one person was seriously injured in this smash. Traffic has also been stopped in both the direction. Also Check This Immediately after this huge crash of multiple vehicles an air ambulance called to the M6 near Warrington. What Actually happened in accident M6 today? One England spokesman said to the reporters that one man is seriously injured in this crash. Between the junction 23 for Haydock and 22 for Newton Le Willows motorways has been closed. A…

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Saint Polycarpe Accident: stuck in a burning car, two people lose their lives 2020

Saint Polycarpe accident

SAINT POLYCARPE Accident | The two people who were trapped in a burning automobile after a collision in Saint-Polycarpe, Montérégie, are dead. Also Check-This Saint Polycarpe accident Police said the car crashed into a culvert on Church Road at around 10:15 p.m. Sunday. The car spun around, then burst into flames, trapping the two passengers in their vehicle. When help arrived, the two people were found dead. The police must now find their identity. An investigation has been opened to understand the reasons for the accident. Advertisement

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Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result Announced 2020

Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result

Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result The result of the Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result has announced, its first prize is Rs 7500000 and the second price is Rs. 500000 and the third price is Rs. 100000. The result of the Kerala lottery has been announced today, whose draw was done at Gorki Bhawan near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. Whose first prize was Rs. 75lakh and second price was RS. 5lakh and third price was Rs 1lakh and also a consolation prize of Rs. 80000. The Kerala Lottery Amount was…

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Sri Lanka Power Cut Today (17 Aug 2020) Due To Transmission Failure.


Sri Lanka Power Cut Today Just now a very big news is coming out in front of the us that the whole electricity has been cut in Sri Lanka. Reason of Sri Lanka Power Cut? Ceylon Electricity Board are saying that the cause of light failure in the whole Sri Lanka is due to big Transmission error A technical issue at the Kerawalapitiya Grid Sub- Station was identified as the cause for the power failure. Due to which the citizens of Sri Lanka are facing a lot of difficulties in…

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