Earthquake in Alabama/Florida of Magnitude 4.0 Today

Earthquake in Alabama

The US Geological Survey is confirming a magnitude 4.0 earthquake near the Florida / Alabama line this morning.

The earthquake was centered near Mount Carmel in northern Santa Rosa County. It is three miles north of J or six miles east of Century.

We received hundreds of reports of ground shaking and even motion of walls and other objects inside buildings throughout the area. Most of the reports were in the areas of Century, Flowmeton and Jay, but extended outward to Pensacola, Cantonment and Braxton. Many reported a secondary but weak tremor, but this has not yet been confirmed.

earthquake in alabama
Earthquake In Alabama-(Not Real Quake Pic) Source

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Escambia County Emergency Manager Eric Gilmore said Engine 519 surveyed the Century area from Escambia Fire Rescue’s Century Station but found no damage.


School Report About Earthquake in Alabama

Jay High School is reporting that the students are safe. An earthquake was felt at the school, but there were no injuries and no damage has been done so far.

According to the USGS, damage is not expected from a 4.0 magnitude earthquake.

It is worth noting that the USGS will sometimes update the exact epicenter and magnitude of earthquakes as more data is analyzed.

In 2019, there were a series of earthquakes in the surrounding areas from 6 March to 17 April, ranging from 1.8 to magnitude 2.8. In 1997, a 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck the region.

This story will be updated with any additional information.


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