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What Is Entity Payal Pubg Id?

Entity Payal Pubg Id is 5156387927 go and search with this character id in your game and you will get her id. Just go and share some love with her.

Entity Payal (Payal Dhaare)
Source Instagram

Entity Payal Real Name?

Entity Payal real name is Payal Dhaare. Entity is her clan name so she write her username as Entity Payal.

Who is Entity Payal?

Entity Payal is one of the popular girl gamers of India, She plays PUBG Mobile game very perfectly. She has more than 110k+ youtube subscribers and more than 139k + followers on Instagram. Her Youtube channel name is Payal Gaming. Payal started live streaming on youtube recently and gained so much of subscribers within some months only. Her stream is always fun to watch, she entertains her fans by cracking some jokes and playing with some random guys with a different id. She is a clan member of Entity Gaming clan which is very popular clan on Pubg Mobile. Entity Gaming Clan Have both Boy and Girl Gamers.

Entity Payal Age?

Entity Payal age is 20 years. Her birthday is on 18 September. She was born on year 2000.

Entity Payal Boyfriend?

According to her fans, Entity Payal’s boyfriend is Soul Regaltos, Who is also very famous gamer of PUBG mobile, But in an interview, she cleared it that she is still single now and promised that if she will become in a relationship then she will definitely tell her fans about it.

Entity Payal Instagram ID?

You can find her Instagram id by searching entity Payal only. Entity Payal Instagram id is @entity_payal. Just Click Here to follow on instagram.

Entity Payal Pubg Id
Source – Instagram

Entity Payal City?

Entity Payal is basically from Gujrat India, I will update you soon about her hometown.

Entity Payal Mobile Device?

Entity Payal Mobile Device is Iphone 11 max pro.

Entity Payal Biography?

At first Entity Payal started to play PUBG Mobile because one day one of his friends GHATAK suggested her to download PUBG Mobile and play with him after playing some matches she found that she is really playing this game very nicely so then she started to do some practice in the training ground.

At that time she used to play with her android device but after sometimes when she decided to choose gaming as her career She bought Iphone 11 max pro device to fix all the lag issues. She is a member of Entity Clan but she don’t play competitive matches now.


In an interview she also said that her parents always supports her in her all needs. She also told about how difficult is to become girl gamer where many people troll you for doing streams and says that all of your fans are just because of your face and because you are a girl apart from that you have no talent inside you.

Many of boys also comments bad words during the live sessions, Payal suggested all girl to only focus on their goals and be positive avoid negativity.

Entity Payal Short Biography-

Short Biography
Real NamePayal Dhaare
Place of BirthGujrat
PUBG NameEntityPaYaL
PUBG ID5156387927
AchievementsSeason 9, Season 11 Conqueror
Clan NameEntity Gaming
Controls4 Fingers Claw
DeviceiPhone 11 Pro Max
Social Media Instagram, Youtube
Instagram entity_payal
Email not available

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Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings

Controls Layout

Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings

Camera Free Look

Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 300%
  • Camera – 300%
  • 1st Person – 300%


Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 120%
  • 1st Person – 104%
  • Red dot – 60%
  • 2x scope – 36%
  • 3x scope – 27%
  • 4x scope – 17%
  • 6x scope – 14%
  • 8x scope – 12%

ADS Sensitivity

Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 120%
  • 1st Person – 104%
  • Red dot – 60%
  • 2x scope – 36%
  • 3x scope – 27%
  • 4x scope – 17%
  • 6x scope – 14%
  • 8x scope – 12%


Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 300%
  • 1st Person – 300%
  • Red dot – 300%
  • 2x scope – 300%
  • 3x scope – 250%
  • 4x scope – 240%
  • 6x scope – 120%
  • 8x scope – 60%

Pubg Profile Of Entity Payal

Entity Payal Sensitivity Settings

Entity Payal All Seasons Statistics

SeasonTierK/D RatioTotal Kills
Season – 13Diamond III3.5499
Season –12Ace *35.77502
Season – 11Conqueror5.272218
Season – 10Crown I2.821532
Season – 09Ace5.00995
Season – 08Ace3.091244
Season – 07Diamond I1.35533
Season – 06Diamond II1.42691
Season – 05Crown V1.451414
Season – 04Crown V1.25635
Season – 03Crown IV0.99461
Season – 02NILNILNIL
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