Huge Fire In Flagstaff Causes Evacuations For Some Doney Residents 2020

Fire In Flagstaff

A fire that sparked in Northern Doney Park, a neighborhood northeast of Flagstaff, has caused evacuations for some residents of Doney Park Tuesday morning. 

According to Coccinino County, a fire broke out Monday night on a private property east of SR 89 in Downey Park. Crews worked to mitigate the fire on nearly two acres and were conducting operations before the fire broke out again in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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fire in flagstaff
(Source: Coconino County)

Cocono County said residents in the area of Burris Lane and Pine County Lane are being evacuated. There is a lot of smoke in the area. The crew are currently working to control the fire.


The fire in Doney Park from last night has flamed up this morning. Large smoke visible. @coconinoem and fire crews are on scene to address fire. Homes in the immediate area of Burris Lane and Pine County Lane are being evacuated.— Coconino County (@CoconinoCounty) September 15, 2020


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