Best Tips To Use Instagram Reels Feature Perfectly 2020

Facebook-owned Instagram now launched the latest Instagram Reels feature in India after Brazil Germany and France after the ban of Tiktok in India. It allows Instagram users to shoot 15 sec short videos with music and creative filters similarly like the Tiktok app and also we can publish it with our followers and in explore page also and gain more likes and followers. They did not provide any monetization for now.

Instagram reels
Source- Facebook

One most important thing is that not all users got this feature only limited numbers of users have got this feature.

If you have not received this feature till now then we would suggest you update the Instagram app if u were not updated and if u have already updated then please wait for some time then it will definitely available to you soon.

What Is Instagram Reels Feature

The Reel option is available in camera option the same place where boomerang, slo-mo, video and many more options are located.

First users have to open Instagram camera option and select Reels to start creating 15 second short video like Tiktok with trending music or song or any song you want just search it from Instagram music library.

You can also use many options in that video like music library, timer, speed effects. And after publishing the video you got more traffic from Instagram explore page which helps in increasing your followers faster.

There is also new AR effects for enabling that users can go to Reels camera and select effects and then AR effects.

Users can also record multiple videos at once and select another effects for each video and after publishing if they don’t like that video or post then they can also delete, review or re-record that video

Instagram Reels also allow us to use our own sound or music with video and publish it.

How to create Instagram Reels

  1. First of all, go to the Instagram camera option and select Reels at the bottom
  2. Tap on Audio option and select a music you want to add using the Instagram music library
  3. You can use original audio by simply recording a Reel using the audio.
  4. Add AR Effect which will make your Reel interesting
  5. Set the timer as well to record any of your clips hands-free.
  6. Users will also get an option to change the speed of the video part of the video or audio.

Features of Tiktok In Comparision To Instagram Reels Features.

Social media platforms are created using advanced digital technologies which may ensure creation of a robust online presence both as a private and an enterprise. The extensive growth of varied social media platforms has given folk like us a chance to be both creators and followers at an equivalent time. It means you’ll create your profile then add pictures, music, videos of your preferred choices and may then share across your favorite groups or communities. this may be shown within the profiles of your friends who can become immediate followers of your posts.

You must be conscious of the very fact that creating and sharing video content is one among the foremost interesting and compelling types since it can help in connecting people more easily. you’ll consult an experienced mobile app development company for creating interactive apps like TikTok which may make your presence prominent on digital platforms.

This fact has been well proved by popular video sharing apps like Dubsmash, Lomotif, Vine, Musically etc. Now there has been a replacement entrant during this domain – TokTok app. Within a brief time span of its launch, it’s been growing crazily attracting many user from everywhere the planet . This app has been built on two of the foremost popular platforms of smartphones- Android and iOS.


TikTok may be a social app created with the only purpose of connecting friends by sharing, creating and discovering crisp music videos. Using this app one can record videos within 15 seconds or less and may share those across a community.

While some are well versant regarding its usages, some are totally new. So for those that are new and who have a flair for using such apps, following features are often of some assistance to them.
Uploading Video Directly

This is a unique feature of this application With TikTok, you’ll upload your recorded videos on to your account. you’ll then edit those and add sort of effects as per your wish. This helps in saving some time and energy as you’ll be ready to engage your followers during a situation where the video isn’t convenient.
Duet Videos

Are you curious about collaborating together with your friend for creating videos? you’ll hesitate during this as your friend is staying during a faraway place. But again with TikTok things are pretty simple. you’ll produce good quality duet videos using this app albeit your friend stays during a different country. Standard effects are often added in those videos. This feature can add variety to your feed which can further assist you in acquiring more followers.
Slideshow Maker

If you’re a lively user of social media, you ought to be conversant in popular slideshow videos. Through such videos, you’ll create a singular collection by embedding several memories of yours within the sort of videos. Fort other similar sorts of apps creation of slideshow videos may be a bit difficult as you would like to download external apps. But with TikTok it’s easy and also you’ll share those in your feed seamlessly.
Timer for video

Making of lip synchronization videos are a touch difficult as you would like to take care of the proper time along side that specialize in the video. Creating such videos consumes tons of your time , but using TikTok you’ll roll in the hay in jiffy . The timer feature will enable you in concentrating on the video content. you only need to choose the timer option then wait to form the record happen automatically.
Superior Video Editor

This is another quality of this app. This feature will assist you in editing videos in order that the lip synchronization are often made perfect albeit the recording doesn’t happen properly. This possibility isn’t available in other apps of comparable types.

Conclusion: An Android app development company can come up with apps like TikTok in order that video creation are often made much simpler and interactive for the users. this is often because Android has the most important numbers of users everywhere the planet . Similarly, to satisfy the stress of the iOS users, an iPhone app development company can come up with incredible ideas to pose real challenge for TikTok.

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