Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result Announced 2020

Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result

The result of the Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result has announced, its first prize is Rs 7500000 and the second price is Rs. 500000 and the third price is Rs. 100000.

The result of the Kerala lottery has been announced today, whose draw was done at Gorki Bhawan near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.

Whose first prize was Rs. 75lakh and second price was RS. 5lakh and third price was Rs 1lakh and also a consolation prize of Rs. 80000.

The Kerala Lottery Amount was made today at 3:00 pm and everyone was able to check at 4:00 pm.

Here are the winners:

Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result 1st Prize-

Rs :7,500,000/-



Prize- Rs. 8,000/-

  • WB 251916 
  • WC 251916
  • WD 251916 
  • WE 251916
  • WF 251916 
  • WG 251916
  • WH 251916 
  • WJ 251916
  • WK 251916 
  • WL 251916
  • WM 251916


Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result 2nd Prize-

Rs :5,00,000/-



Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery Result 3rd Prize-

Rs :1,00,000/-

  • WA-433800
  • WB-550422
  • WC-525431
  • WD-265234
  • WE-446292
  • WF-392791
  • WG-580480
  • WH-253134
  • WJ-150407 
  • WK-115565
  • WL-489260
  • WM-566517

Match the lottery number of your ticket with the lottery number given above and if it is found, then you submit it to the Kerala Government Gadget within 30 days so that you can get the money you won.


The results can be checked here – and

If your winning prize is less than Rs.5000, then you can claim your winning money from any lottery store in Kerala.

What is Kerala Win Win W578 Lottery?

Kerala State Lotteries is a state-run scheme run by Kerala government. The Karunya Plus lottery is a weekly lottery whose draw is held every Thursday. The lottery department was set up in 1967. The idea of the department came from the then Finance Minister of Kerala, the late PK Kunju Sahib, who envisaged revenue from the sale of lotteries as a major source of non-tax revenue for the state and a stable income source for the poor and common people.

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