North Korea has threatened to send troops to border cooperation zone

North Korea has threatened to send troops to border in demilitarized areas

North Korea has threatened to send troops to border
A man watches a television screen showing a news show with video of the demolition of the inter-Korean liaison office block in Kaesong, North Korea , at the Seoul railroad station on Wednesday.

Near its border with South Korea , each day after the liaison office erupted in provocations that have dramatically raised tensions between the two arch-rivals

Pyongyang said the troops would be deployed to an inter-Korean tract located along the western border of Kaesong, where the liaison office was located until Tuesday, also on Mount Kumgang, a joint tourist area on the East Coast. The zones, located only within the North Korean region, have long been considered a rare area of cooperation between the 2 countries that would at some point cause greater detention.

South Korea reacted with harsh words on Wednesday, warning that such acts of aggression might be wiped out straightness.

“These measures undermine the two-decade effort by South Korea and North Korea to enhance relations between Korea and maintain peace within Korea . If North Korea does take that step, it’ll definitely pay the worth,” Jeon Dong-Jin said. , said the operations director for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“In light of the present security situation, our military is monitoring North Korean military movements throughout the day and maintaining a robust sense of readiness. we’ll still work towards resolving things during a stable thanks to preventing this from happening.” Yonhap news.

Pyongyang also said it might restore the guard posts within the strong DMZ, or DMZ, which was abolished in 2018 within a brief period of improved relations. It follows a selected period of tension triggered by public humiliation triggered by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

send troops to border
Kim Jong Un Sister Kim Yo Jong

Seoul offered to send a special envoy to the North to undertake to ease the strain , but Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong rejected the action, consistent with North Korean government media.

Cha Du Hyeogn, a former South Korean government official and senior fellow at the Seoul-based Asan Policy Research Institute, said that Pyongyang’s lobbying campaign within the South had no purpose in gaining concessions, and more as “an expression of accumulated treason,” has been exploited and deceived by the South for the last two years, “in the method of a failed approach, which didn’t bring any relief from the sanctions sought by Pyongyang.


South Korea’s Unification Minister Kim Yeon-Chul, responsible for relations with North Korea, offered to resign on Wednesday to require responsibility for the sudden deterioration of relations between Korea.

In recent weeks, each side seems to possess reverted to verbal choice patterns and harsh words. Among others, North Korea has pledged to continue training within the border region, which Seoul says will violate the 2018 agreement aimed toward withdrawing troops from the DMZ, stopping training, and reducing tension. The agreement also allows the military to clear parts of the DMZ and excavate the remnants of the soldiers killed within the Korean War.

North Korea’s latest outrage appears to possess come from the activities of South Korean deserters who sent balloons crammed with anti-Pyongyang leaflets to cross the border. The brochures, which North Korea insists on insulting their leaders and violating the 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, are around for years and are regularly beaten by Pyongyang.

It also follows the rumors about Kim’s health after disappearing from public view for weeks. Meanwhile, Kim Yo Jong, a trusted advisor, seems to be taking a more practical approach.

He played a number one role in diplomacy at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games , and within the grand finals between Pyongyang, Washington, and Seoul.

But after the abrupt (and from his brother’s, shameful) Trump-Kim summit in Vietnam in 2019, Kim Yo Jong disappeared, only to reappear recently among irresponsible people, including former spymaster Kim Yong Chol, delivering on the impromptu speeches delivered in Seoul and Washington.

Earlier in the week, Kim Yo Jong called the brochure “mongrel” and verbally attacked South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday, accusing him of being a “pro-American coward” for not apologizing for the acts of the intruders.

In turn, Moon’s office shot the young Kim, calling him “rude” and “stupid” and warning him that Seoul would not be tolerant.


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