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Scout Sensitivity Settings full specification and details are below the page so kindly scroll down and get all the settings of Scout.

Real NameTanmay Singh
Hobbies Swimming, Gyming, Gaming
CityValsad, Gujarat, India
PUBG NameFNC・sc0utOP
PUBG ID Number5144286984
Role In PUBG IGL, Flanker, Assaulter
Clan NameFnatic
Controls4 Finger
Device Used to playiPhone XR
PUBG Popularity4409.7+ K
Social Network Information
Instagram @scout_pubg
youtubeScout PUBG.

Who is Scout?

Scout is a Clan Member of Team OR (Orange Rocks) of Pubg Mobile. Initially, He was is in the Team Fnatic He is a famous Indian pubg mobile gamer and he earned more than 2.1 million + subscribers on youtube.

What is Scout Real Name?

Scout real name is Tanmay Singh

What is Scout Pubg ID?

Scout Pubg ID is 5144286984. Scout (Tanmay Singh) is one of the great aggressive PUBG mobile players in India. Scout has also played many competitive matches like PMPL, PMCO, etc. These competitive matches are played internationally. The full form of PMPL is Pubg Mobile Pro League and the full form of PMCO is Pubg Mobile Club Open.

What is Scout Girlfriend Name?

Scout Girlfriend name is Zara Ali and she is from Bali, Indonesia. Scout Girlfriend Zara Ali instagram id is @iamzaraali go and follow her.

In Which City Scout Live?

Scout lives in Valsad, Gujrad, India. Scout is one of them who has chosen mobile gaming as his career and also became the inspiration for many gamers in India with his awesome gameplay.

How Scout Started His Gaming Career?

Scout started playing pubg mobile a Wayback in 2018 and started uploading his Pubg mobile gameplay videos on youtube. In less than two years he gained over 2 million subscribers it’s a very big success for any person.

Initialy Scout is ingame leader of big Team like Team Fnatic but after that he has shifted to the another clan OR (Orange Rock).

Scout uses a 4 finger claw setup and uses the device iPhone 11 pro Max. He is also a very good friend of famous Pubg mobile players like Mortal, Regaltos, Viper, etc.

Scout created his own team “team IND” his role in the team is flanker and supporter. His favourite map is erangle and the landing spot is Goerogopol and military base.


He achieved Conquerer in season 2 his favourite loadout is mostly AR to spray with a 6x scope equipped. He has also participated in Sky Sports tournament championship and place 3rd winning INR 25000 team in 2019 and also in India qualifier and placed second winning dollar 30000 team IND and Indian tigers were selected to qualify for finals in Berlin but their visa was rejected they played the qualifiers from India while the rest of the teams.

where in Berlin could not make it through the PMC qualifiers he has also participated in 2019 in PMSC in after competing in the PMC 2019 he left his team to join the soul clan replacing Mortal to join the main line up despite not winning any major tournament he proved that he is one of the best pubg mobile players in India.

What is Scout Sensitivity Settings?

Scout sensitivity settings are given below-

Scout Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person Camera – 130%
  • Camera – 120%
  • 1st Person Camera- 85%
Scout Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 180%
  • 1st Person – 120%
  • Red dot – 50%
  • 2x scope – 52%
  • 3x scope – 30%
  • 4x scope – 20%
  • 6x scope – 12%
  • 8x scope – 13%
Scout Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 200%
  • 1st Person – 200%
  • Red dot – 60%
  • 2x scope – 60%
  • 3x scope – 35%
  • 4x scope – 30%
  • 6x scope – 13%
  • 8x scope – 11%
Scout Sensitivity Settings
  • 3rd person – 255%
  • 1st Person – 254%
  • Red dot – 300%
  • 2x scope – 300%
  • 3x scope – 200%
  • 4x scope – 200%
  • 6x scope – 56%
  • 8x scope – 40%

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