Starbucks barista gets donations more than $32,000 after ‘Karen’ shames him

Starbucks barista gets donations:

Lenin Gutierrez, filling in as a Starbucks barista in San Diego, accumulated applause and an astounding USD 32,000 in tips when the lady, Amber Lynn Gilles posted about him on Facebook with a mean to censure him for not serving espresso since she was not wearing a mask on her face.

starbucks barista gets donation
Lenin Gutierrez(barista gets donations)

A barista who declined to serve a lady, who has been nicknamed ‘San Diego Karen’ since she was not wearing a mask, got acclaim from Internet clients and walloping USD 32,000 in tips.

“Meet Lenin from Starbucks who would not serve me cause I’m not wearing a cover. Next time I will sit tight for cops and bring a clinical exclusion,” she posted.

The post exploded backward. Numerous Facebook clients guarded Guiterrez and scolded Gilles. It got more than 1,00,000 responses and remarks and 50,000 offers.

One Facebook client expressed: “There’s no motivation to freely disgrace a child who’s attempting to work his day of work like some other day.” Another stated: “I don’t accuse the child behind the counter. They have to keep the guidelines that they are given.”

In another post, Gilles said she wasn’t “scarred or pestered” and expressed gratitude toward everybody for “the appraisals” with a gesture of goodwill. One of the top remarks on this post peruses, “You do understand the one in particular who is profiting by these “alleged evaluations,” is Lenen!! He has just about 10,000 dollars in tips!!! 👏🏼”

Another top remark peruses, “What is generally upsetting about this is you don’t be able to comprehend why your activities and words are so horrendously, unpleasantly off-base. You are indicating individuals a degree of self-centeredness and insignificance that is past the pale. You are bringing up kids to accept this entitled conduct isn’t just alright, however anticipated. That youngster is observing the standards his organization has spread out.

For you to put him on impact is disgraceful. Head off to some place to get your espresso where you are not required to wear a veil. Put others in peril elsewhere. It’s not about YOU becoming ill, it’s tied in with keeping EVERYONE ELSE from becoming ill. This will all come around to you sometime in the future. I possibly trust you gain from it when it does. Your kids have my feelings. This falls off as though you are looking for consideration and exposure which is significantly more troubled.”


San Diego County gave a notification on May 1 expecting occupants to wear face-covering in most open settings, incorporating when shopping in a store or getting food at a café.

Numerous individuals communicated their craving to tip Guiterrez.

That is when Matt Cowan, a man who doesn’t know Guiterrez however discovered the post, choose to begin a virtual tip container on GoFundMe.

Cowan called the gift page “Tips for Lenin Standing Up To A San Diego Karen.” In the depiction, he stated, “Fund-raising for Lenin for his fair exertion persevering when confronted with a Karen in nature.”

In three days, the aggregate sum is more than USD32,000, and it keeps on expanding continuously.

“Everyone is uniting behind someone for doing what they should do and attempting to secure every other person,” Cowan said in a meeting with KGTV. “It just goes to show you there are a great deal of good individuals out there and that exceeds the terrible.”

On Facebook, Gutierrez said he as of now has large designs for his startling tips.Gutierrez, who is a yearning artist, said he intends to utilize the cash to fuel his energy, and to show others the specialty of move.

“With this gift everybody gave me on GoFundMe, I can make these fantasies a reality,” he said. “In all seriousness much.”

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