Top 5 Female Fortnite Players 2020 With Pictures.

Top 5 Female Fortnite Players 2020 With Pictures.

Faith (Faithttv)

Female Fortnite Players 2020

Who is Faith?

Faith is a girl gamer who has gained fame for her Faithttv Twitch channel. She goes live regularly on twitch and play games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Borderlands 3, alongside personal commentary and occasional ASMR have helped her garner huge popularity.

What is Faith Age?

Faith is 21 years old. Faith began posting to Twitch in October 2018.

Faith has more than 150,000 followers on Twitch.

Faith is from which country?

Faith was born and raised in Canada

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Female Fortnite Players 2020

Who is Janetrose?

Janetrose is a popular twitch streamer. She was born on November 5th, 1994 in Toronto, Canada.


Janetrose started her Twitch and YouTube channel on 2013. At first she streams league of legends but now she streams a more variaty of games, like Hearthstone, or under the category Just Chatting. Her sweet and sincere personality brought her over 19 million total views and over 2.000 subscribers, her net worth is estimated to be at $500,000


Female Fortnite Players 2020

Who is KittyPlays?

KittyPlays is a Fortnite gamer and show host who has gained an audience on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. She hosts and produces her own show Playtime with Kitty Plays where she interviews and plays games with celebrities.


Female Fortnite Players 2020

Who is Rachell Hofstetter?

Rachell Hofstetter (born January 8, 1992), better known by her online alias Valkyrae, is an American video-game streamer. She currently streams and posts videos on YouTube, mostly playing a plethora of different games and genres.

TSM Chica

Female Fortnite Players 2020

Who is Chica Tv?

Chica TV is a Canadian Twitch streamer whose real name Maria Lopez who is based in New York United States but has also lived in Ontario, Canada. She has an estimated net worth of $600,000.

Her content is mostly about highlights from her Fortnite streams on Twitch. She uploads an average of 2 – 3 new videos per week on a regular basis. Aside from livestream gaming, Maria Lopez is also a professional gamer and has represented the esports organization Doom Clan. She currently plays for TSM.

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